December 6th to 27th, 2005

Photographed by Henry Vehovec during his 2004 Tibetan expedition, this show features powerful meditative images from the Potala Palace and monasteries near Lhasa. Focusing primarily on ancient structures, the collection examines enduring elements of both physical and spiritual attributes of Tibetan Buddhism.


The artist approaches his work with the intent awareness demanded by the subject matter thereby producing work that inescapably chronicles the scars of change, time and modern society. As a sequence, the series aims ultimately to be uplifting as it progresses through The Noble Eightfold Path and The Four Noble Truths.

Opening Reception:
Wednesday December 7th, 2005 6-9 pm

supported by Buckingham Capital

The Spoke Club

600 King Street West
4th floor, Toronto
416.368.8448 Concierge

The Spoke Club is a private club for members only. Artist's guests and members are welcome at the opening reception. Non-members wishing to view the show at other times should make arrangements directly with the artist.